Alternative Pets for Your Home

Alternative Pets for Your Home

Although dogs and cats are the most popular pets in America, they are not always right for everyone. Some people are allergic, while some live in apartments that prohibit animals. Still others simply prefer pets that require less maintenance, or are perhaps on the exotic side. If feel you may be one of these people, have a look at the suggestions for alternative pets below.

Fish and Other Water Dwellers

Do you like watching fish dart around in aquariums? Or are crustaceans and anemones your fancy? If so, you should consider getting yourself an aquarium, which come in both saltwater and freshwater types, and sizes from a simple fishbowl to several stories tall. Freshwater and saltwater aquariums can be done at home, but it is better, especially for larger tanks, to have a custom installation. Many specialty fish shops offer tank design services, so if you’re looking for custom aquariums Denver, you can ask about design and maintenance of a tank made specifically for you.

Reptiles and Amphibians

If a fish tank requires too much maintenance for your taste, how about a frog or an iguana? Or if you like more exotic species, maybe you would enjoy a gecko or a salamander. Reptiles and amphibians can make excellent pets for many people. Some reptile owners even claim their snake or lizard has just as much personality as a cat or dog.

Feathery Friends

What if you’re looking for a pet that will bond with you emotionally? In this case, birds are a great choice. Birds are intelligent, lively and interesting. Also, many birds live for decades, especially those from the parrot family, and are sometimes passed down from one generation in the family to the next!

Regardless of your living situation, there is a pet suited to your needs. If you’re willing to be diligent and research your options, you are bound to come across the best pet for your lifestyle.


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