Cat Kidney Disease

At the time of writing this text, there has been a LARGE industrial canine and cat food poisoning scare in the USA – from contaminated dog food. When you have decided to start feeding your diabetic cat a low carbohydrate weight loss program, please do not change the weight loss plan till you evaluate my Feline Diabetes web page – especially the STOP sign part – in any other case you can be placing your cat at risk.Cat High Protein food

It is best to feed poultry-based diets to cats. These companies make it very easy for us. If a cat comes in with kidney illness? On condition that nation’s horrible observe record with regard to food security, I certainly wouldn’t wish to rely on taurine from China’s chemical synthesis to satisfy my cats’ taurine needs.

I am so tired of seeing cats suffering tremendously from blocked urethras and other urinary tract ailments because of Man’s love affair with dry meals. Water content of the weight-reduction plan is very important. I don’t use merchandise made by Hill’s (including their over-the-counter and Prescription Diets”) since there are all the time more healthy options accessible.

If any product – including meals – is allowed to hold a prescription” label, it needs to be held to the identical requirements as a prescription medication. Dental Illness: Lengthy-standing claims that cats have much less dental illness when they’re fed dry food versus canned food are grossly overrated, inaccurate, and will not be supported by research.

A muscle meat will likely be listed as chicken,” or turkey,” etc., not hen by-products” or hen by-product meal,” or chicken broth” or liver”. Fat cells produce a substance that makes the other cells in the body resistant to insulin. Neither dry kibble nor canned food comes near mimicking a cat’s regular weight loss plan of mice, birds, rabbits, and so on.


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