Horses Need Hay, Grain and Veterinary Services

Thinking about buying a horse? No matter what the breed or purpose of the horse, a key part of ownership is connecting with a veterinarian who will help you ensure your equine’s well-being.
Care starts at birth and changes through foalhood, riding years, breeding cycles and into retirement. Whether a cow horse, a dressage prospect or hunter jumper, it’s important to identify veterinary services Montgomery TX.

You and the Vet Are ‘Pardners’

Veterinarians can help you with pre-purchase health checks, including reviewing confirmation and soundness. Then come questions about types of grain and hay, dental work, exercise and much more. Vets are a resource not only for equine care in general but also about how to meet the specific needs of your horse.

Research Vets and Their Services

Other horse owners can provide referrals to veterinarian services. Talk with owners while at horse shows or at boarding stables. Review references as if you were looking for your own doctor. Education and qualifications can be checked on the internet and through state and credentialing offices.
You can interview veterinarians and visit their facilities, even if care will be provided at a stable or in a pasture. Ask vets about the types of services they provide, the costs of treatments and their availability in emergencies.
Watch how the veterinarian interacts with horses, which are on alert around strangers and in strange situations. Both you and your horse should be comfortable with the vet.

Let Vets Help Fulfill Your Dream

Ready to buy the horse of your dreams? Ready to provide feed, a stall and room for exercise, plus regular checkups and sometimes specialized treatment throughout your horse’s life?
It’s not too soon to check out equine veterinary services to help with decisions on purchasing, care and other factors that will lead to many happy trails for you and your horse.


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