How Compounding for Pet Owners Save Lives Through Precision

There is room for error with some types of medication. A missed dose or a slightly larger than recommended dosage does not necessarily cause any problem. This is not the case with every medication or condition. Some diseases, like cancer, rely on the correct dosage each time. It is difficult to achieve this when the medication is for a pet.

Difficulties in Treatment

Fussy pets may refuse to take certain types of medication or any drug in a specific form. For example, trying to feed a cat a pill or wrestle a dropper full of a liquid into an active dog. The refusal to take medication or vomiting the medicine up prevents the pet from gaining the benefit they need from that drug. Another concern is animal weight. Some pet owners must cut tablets in half or in thirds to avoid overdosing a tiny pet and this can become a challenge.

Finding a Solution

Through “Compounding for pet owners” the pharmacist can provide nearly any medication in a form and dosage size to suit each pet. The owner may have more luck administering the medication by applying a topical cream instead of with a pill. A liquid can be placed into a capsule for a dog that is happy to swallow a treat. The owner can also receive all medication in a dosage size that is perfect for that animal, so the owner does not have to do any guesswork when it is time for their medicine.

Additional Compounding Benefits

Compounding makes it possible for the pet to get all the medication they need, but their people benefit even more. The owner knows their animal is getting the help needed and they can do it without any waste of medication or money.

Compounding makes it possible for people to get access to medication that may not have been available elsewhere. The process, in addition to changing the method of administration and the dosage size, can also add flavors and scents appealing to the animal. All pet owners should know more about this option, but especially those that are struggling to get their pet to take medication they need.


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