I Have Been Here Three Months Now

Of course I started here in the summer semester because I knew that a lot of the classes I needed would be hard to get. Luckily for me I came with a good deal of AP college credit from high school and I had enough money and financial aid that I was under no real pressure. I wanted to get off on a fast start and I have. Eventually the money I have saved up will run short and so I have a part time job. My new boss taught me about bahis siteleri already, although that is something that makes me constantly worry about my check not clearing the bank. That means casino site in Turkish he says, although I think that he is an Azeri, from the part of Azerbaijan that is in Iran and not the part that is now independent and used to be in the Soviet Union.

At any rate this guy is seriously involved in gambling on soccer and that is just about the only thing that he talks about aside from his grocery store. He seems to bet on pretty much every soccer match that is played, although obviously that is an exaggeration. I suppose there must be a thousand soccer matches on around the globe. They have big leagues that everyone knows about here in the USA, in England, in Germany, Italy, France and Spain. Of course in Latin America every country has a top league which is almost like a religion to the locals, and then they have second and third tier leagues. They have women’s leagues and they have junior leagues where boys that are barely in their teens are paid to play the game. Of course not many of them are that good. At any rate he always seems to have a game he has money on.


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