Preparing to Bring Home a New Family Dog

A dog can be a constant companion to everyone in your household, whether you live alone or have a house full of kids. But before you welcome a new dog into your family, it’s important to prepare for all of the demands that go along with caring for a pet. Plan ahead and have your home ready for its newest occupant by checking these three major tasks off your list.

1. Stock Up on Items That Meet Your Breed’s Specific Needs

Conduct an online search for puppies for sale near me. Research any needs that may be specific to your chosen breed. Some dog breeds are tough chewers and need durable toys that won’t shred or break. Others may require special types of food or grooming supplies to maintain their shiny coat. Stock up on the things you need to meet your new pet’s unique needs.

2. Find a Reputable Vet

There’s a good chance you’ll have many options when choosing a veterinarian in your area, but proximity shouldn’t be the only factor. Research reviews of the offices in your area and make sure you choose a place with values that you agree with. Once you’ve made your selection, let them know you’re bringing home a new dog soon and schedule an initial checkup to make sure he has the medications he needs to stay healthy, such as heart worm medicine and flea and tick repellent.

3. Dog-Proof Your Home

Dogs are energetic and curious creatures. Be sure to move tempting or dangerous items off the floor and out of reach. It’s a good idea to keep open trashcans in rooms where the doors stay closed. Stay vigilant the first few weeks you bring home a new dog to make sure they aren’t making a habit of chewing on furniture and rugs.

You’ll want to be able to enjoy every moment with your new dog once you welcome them into your home. Make sure you’re ready to care for them ahead of time so you can spend every possible moment playing, snuggling and making new memories.


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